We spent most of the day in Brooklyn and had a great time with the campus staff here in New York.  We ate lunch at Enzo’s Italian Restaurant.  It was fantastic food and then the men went to Prospect Park to throw a little football and frisbee.  Afterwards we watched the USA play their first game in the World Cup against England and they tied.

Savannah has been extremely sweet (as usual) and she loves being pushed around the city in her stroller.  She constantly talks and points at things.  Her favorite is when she sees a dog being walked.

We’re staying in Herald Towers which are at Herald Square (right next to the Empire State Building).  We have a sweet view of the city.  This is the best project housing available!

We’re praying that the students will finish raising their support and will be prepared to have a fantastic summer!


This morning Ross presented a challenge to run with endurance this summer. Heb. 12:1-3

I am hopeful that this summer will be a conduit of life. By that I mean that I want to receive life and I want to give life. As I run the race I hope to fix my eyes on Jesus. I want to be like Him as I interact with the people I come in contact with…My wife and daughter, my friends, co-workers, an the new people I meet. That is my hope and prayer…to be a life-giver.

Stay posted as we run together for the next six weeks in the city that never sleeps!